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Tribunal: Lawmaker seeks support of opponents in constituency development 



Esosa Iyawe

Speaking after the tribunal verdict, Iyawe stated that democracy thrives when there is a robust exchange of ideas, noting that differences in political affiliation should not be a barrier to working together.

He said, “Today, I sit before you with all humility to express my heartfelt appreciation for my victory at the tribunal to God almighty, my legal team, my party chairman and other executive members, my supporters, the good people of Oredo federal constituency, and my family members. It is a victory well deserved.

“For my distinguished opposition party members, although we may often find ourselves on opposite sides of the divide, I want to acknowledge your dedication and the passion you bring to your role as politicians.

“Democracy thrives when there is a robust exchange of ideas, and your unwavering commitment to your principles is a testament to the strength of our democratic institutions.

“Permit me to say that in our increasingly polarised political landscape, it is essential that we recognise and celebrate each other. Today, I have the privilege to do just that.

“Now the tribunal has decided, let us put politics of bitterness aside and come together and work for the betterment of Oredo federal constituency.

“In every contest, there must be a victor. We may continue to hold differing views, but let us never forget that our shared commitment to the welfare of our citizens unites us in our larger purpose,” he added.