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Tinubu promises punishment for those responsible for Kaduna village bombing



1701574181 Bola Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has assured the public that anyone proven to be responsible for the bombings of Tudun Biri village, which murdered over 90 inhabitants, will face severe punishment.

Tinubu has also stated that all victims will be well taken care of under the Folako Initiative, which will begin this month.

He claims that the neighborhood will be the first to be rebuilt under the new initiative.

Vice President Kashim Shattima made the comments on Thursday, shortly after visiting the victims at Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital, Kaduna State to express condolences for the tragic tragedy.

He stated that the federal government remains committed to combating banditry throughout the region.

“The President Bola Ahmed Tinubu sent us to commensurate with the people of Kaduna over the tragic incident. The caliber of people that are here with me is a testimony to how deeply touched the president was by the incident.

“The President was deeply touched by what happened, and we will like to assure the people and government of Kaduna State that the government will take measures to protect and preserve the interests of our nation.

“The victims will be well taken care of under the Fulako Initiative, which will commence this month, and this community will be the first to be rebuilt in the north-west zone.

“All measures will be taken to ensure that future occurrences are averted. The government will go to the root of the issue, and anyone found culpable will be punished accordingly,” he said.

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