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Thousands protest against education reform in Greece



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Greek police clashed briefly with masked protesters holding red flags on wooden poles outside parliament on Thursday during protests against proposals to allow foreign private institutions to operate in the nation.

In the early afternoon, thousands of students and other activists marched through central Athens, some waving placards stating, “No to the privatisation of public education!”

When the majority had passed through parliament, a handful broke out and battled with the police.

According to a police spokesperson, cops were attacked, and tear gas was used as a response.

Later, local media reported that rubbish containers had been set on fire in the capital’s Exarchia quarter, which is popular with students.

The conservative government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has proposed an education reform measure that would allow establishments to function as subsidiaries of international universities.

Critics argue that the measure will devalue degrees earned at Greece‘s public universities and further diminish state support for public education.

Parliament is scheduled to vote on the bill this month.

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