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Suspended Ogun LG chairman, Wale Adedayo impeached




The Ijebu East Local Government’s suspended chairman, Wale Adedayo, has been impeached.

Councillors accused Adedayo of financial theft, diverting council funds, and other offences, leading to his impeachment.

This was stated in a letter written by Fasheyi Akindele, the head of the Ijebu East Local Government house.

Adedayo finally came before the legislative council on Thursday as the councillors persisted in their investigation into the chairman following a number of invitations from the House that were reportedly ignored in the past.

The suspended chairman allegedly admitted to using federal funds supplied to the council by the state government for purposes other than those that were authorized by the state government in front of the entire house of 11 councillors.

He was alleged to have also consented to spending council funds past the March 2023 limit, even though the budget hadn’t yet been authorized.

Adedayo allegedly admitted using N5.2 million to make 20 chairs and tables rather than the 290 chairs that the money was approved by the state government for.

Adedayo stated that he believed the house had passed a measure on the subject of unlawful fees and stickers for commercial transport operators in the LG, but Akindele reprimanded him, noting that a bill, if passed, would have been jointly signed by the leader of the house and the council chairman.

He said that the chairman broke the law, specifically the Ogun State Local Government Laws of 2006, and committed severe impeachable offences.

The impeachment of the chairman was put to a vote after nearly three hours of discussion. Four council members voted against his impeachment, one abstained, and five council members voted in favour.

As a result, the speaker of the house declared Adedayo to be removed as the leader of the Ijebu East LG.

The impeached chairman, however, insisted that the council members were following instructions when he responded.

“I told them this morning they were acting a script written by those in Abeokuta. All the documents about the allegations against me are in the office. But I know Mr. Governor is offended that we opened up to the public about how the federal allocation belonging to Ijebu East Local Government was being spent,” he said.

“I have done my duty as an Afenifere by letting our Leader know why we have not been able to do much since we got into office. The rest is for the court to decide,” Adedayo added.

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