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Relatives lament as kidnappers abduct Abuja public servant




The family of one Aondoove Gwaza, a director at the Federal Housing Authority Mortgage Bank in the Federal Capital Territory, who was abducted from his home during an attack about 200 metres close to a military base in Pwanbara in the Bwari Area Council of Abuja, has been devastated, as the kidnappers have yet to contact his relatives as of Thursday night.

The kidnappers, who struck at about 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, shot indiscriminately, causing panic in the area, before escaping through the bushes with the abductee.

Residents revealed that soldiers were stationed at a military base popularly known as ‘Camp,’ which is about 200 metres away from where the director was abducted in Pambara Extension.
They further noted that residents of the area that was attacked by bandits include military personnel, both serving and retired, and civilians.

He said, “kidnappers attacked Pambara Extension over the night, at about 12:30 am today (Thursday), and they abducted one of our neighbours, Mr. Aondoove Gwaza, who is a Director in the Federal Housing Authority, FCT.

“The attack happened very close to a ‘Camp,’ the military base at the entrance of Bwari, very close to Pambara Extension. The part of Pambara Extension where Gwaza was kidnapped is just about 200 metres away from the military base. But the kidnappers escaped through the bushes with the victim.”
Another resident added, “The attack is still shocking to us. Our estate is very close to the military base here, known as Camp, at the entrance of Bwari, and there are also serving and retired military personnel living with us here. Yet, these bandits were bold enough to attack this place and kidnap Gwaza.”

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