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Provisional 25,000 naira increment now applies to all Federal workers – Femi Gbajabiamila



Femi Gbajabiamila

The Nigerian Chief of Staff, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, has declared that the 25,000 naira provisional increment that was announced earlier to federal government low-grade workers is now being added to the wages of all Federal workers in the country.

This statement is issued following a four-hour meeting with the National Labour Union (NLC) and the Trade Union Commission (TUC) over the threat of a nationwide strike planned for Tuesday.

  • “There was a lot of chatter on Twitter about the issue of low-income workers only falling into the category of the provisional wage increase. We did communicate with the President and he quickly did say and agreed that all categories of workers will be given the wage bill. There is nothing like low income, median income or high income,” Gbajabiamila said. ⁣

Speaking further, he said he is optimistic that the organized labour will backtrack on their decision to embark on the proposed strike, stating that he is hopeful that the union will consult their various executives tomorrow and present the offer the government made to them in the meeting.

He said,

  • “Hopefully, we expect that Labour will call a meeting of their various branches and executive tomorrow to present the agreements that have been reached, and we pray and we believe and we hope that the strike will be called off on Tuesday.”⁣

The Federal Government also said that they will commence payment of N75,000 to 15 million households at N25,000 per month, for a three-month period from October-December 2023.

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Furthermore, the Union also turned down the government’s suggestion of a six-month provisional increase period for wage covers. Instead, they advocate for it to remain in effect until a new minimum wage is officially sanctioned.

They also insisted that the wages be reviewed and increased to 35,000 naira for each worker.



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