N-Power Recruitment Past Questions And Answers 2019

NPower Recruitment Past Questions And Answers 2019/2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On NPower Nigeria.

This post is meant for all Npower beneficiaries/shortlisted applicants who made it to the final selection list. We understand that some N-Power Final Shortlisted Candidates are having difficulties with OTP generation, NPVN profile update, device selection and payment issues.

In this post, you get answers to most of this likely questions and solutions right on this page. Below are the >>>

NPower Recruitment Past Questions And Answers 2019

  1. Good morning Npower team. I have uploaded all the required items, and I was finally logged in to your dashboard. But I can’t see any information on my profile.
    Reply: Kindly refresh the page and try again.
  2. Good day, I have followed the necessary steps and still can’t generate an OTP, then it might be a technical issue. Reply: You might have to hold for some time and try again, the validation errors are being resolved at the moment. Thank you.
  3. Dear Npower, After obtaining my OTP, I changed my password but I didn’t upload my picture and I.D cos I want to do so on the computer. Now, I logged into my account with pc and found out that I can’t upload my picture or I.D. I hope I’m still good to go. Reply: Yes you are sir, just keep trying. Also, ensure that you use the required specification for your image format.
  4. Having difficulty Uploading Passport and I.D card? Reply: Good day sir, please resize the passport and ID card to the required specification then try to upload it again. good luck.
  5. Npower I have tried repeatedly to access that link it’s not going through, I neither received text nor mail. Kindly check on my behalf from your backend. my number is *********. Awaiting your reply. Reply: Good day sir, it’s a mere network constraint, please upgrade to a stronger internet and change your browser to chrome if you haven’t already.
  6. Good morning N- POWER, thanks for the selection. But I have been unable to generate any OTP codes. I even used the *347*5*88# but to no avail. Please help me get through this phase. Thank you. Reply: We apologize for that sir, the issue of OTP generation will be resolved shortly, please stay tuned for further information. Thank you.
  7. Good morning Npower team, please am having an issue which I want an urgent reply to, I have successfully changed my password but I couldn’t upload my passport and ID card, and please the ID card to be uploaded is not specified. Please am confused.

Reply: Good day sir, you are required to upload any valid ID that corresponds with your details on the NPVN portal. Also, ensure that the size and format of your passport photograph conform with the specified requirement. Thank you.

8. good day Npower team? I am unable to use my device since the day I collected it, I went back to MTN office I was told to go without done anything. In response to your request, my location is Ibadan, Oyo state, Akinyele local Government. Nagro 2016 beneficiary, Batch A, Techno device
Reply: Good day, Is this a problem with your service provider (MTN) or the device itself? If the device is working then you will have to contact the service provider. If not, send an email with your complaint and details to devicesupport@npvn.ng

9. After long waiting and i have done physical verification successfully since December now you told me that i was not successful at physical verification for no reason.God is watching you.

Reply: We apologize for that sir, surely there will be other opportunities to come your way. We wish you well in your future endeavors. God bless.

10. dear Npower administrator the website is not opening after trying several browsers including chrome? what should I do?
Reply: Good day sir, please ensure your location has a good network reception.

11. Npower hopes this exercise will continue till next week cos network is bad.
Reply: Good day ma’am, the validation process will be on for a few days. More updates will be made available shortly, kindly stay tuned. Thank you.

12. Please, some lost the SIM Card they used during the registration. And, can’t welcome it back because of one reason or the other. I humbly appeal that the Npower Team should make use of both phone number and email address.
Reply: Kindly visit your service provider for more assistance on how to recover your lost SIM card as OTP can only be sent to via your registered line. Thank you

13. Good day, if you are having challenges in proceeding with the instructions on the portal, please be patient, it may be as a result of the current traffic on the site, ensure to keep trying. Thank you.

14. No token generated or token has expired. Is the response I’ve gotten using the shortcut… What’s the way out, please?
Reply: For everyone that is experiencing some challenges in generating their token, kindly redial the shortcode to regenerate a new token or refresh your page and try again. Thank you.

15. Please, what about those that didn’t see or received any message?
Reply: Good day sir, you are required to log in on to npvn.npower.gov.ng/login to check your final selection status. Thank you.

16. Many thanks to the FGN and the entire management of NPower for keeping to their words……The code isn’t working for we the Airtel and Glo subscribers and I couldn’t get the OTP after clicking on the next step severally. Kindly see to that thanks.
Reply: Good day, we are on it at the moment. Thank you for understanding.

17. Pls, Npower help because my account number is not complete on my profile is 56119**4 instead of 0056119**4 Acces bank.
Reply: Good day sir, there’s no cause to panic, the system doesn’t recognize 00 as initial digits except in the middle or at the end of other digits this does not mean you won’t get paid

18. Morning Npower team, pls my question is:- the account number that I want to use in uploading my profile, my brother is using it, because he is working with a company as security, they are sending him his allowance through my account, so is there a problem for that, or I should tell him to go and look for another account number, in other to avoid getting problem with u (npower)?
Reply: Good day say, if the account in question bears your personal name and corresponds to the names you used for registration then it is acceptable.

There is a ”Report the issue” button, please click on it and follow the steps listed.

20. solution to those that can’t upload their passport and ID… After logging in with your username and password. Check your address link on your browser and edit dashboard to onboard… Example (npvn.npower.gov.ng/onboard).

Then, it will take you back to a place to upload your passport and ID… NOTICE! Make sure you edit your passport and ID to at least 15b jpeg.




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