Nigerian Army Ranks 2019

Nigerian Army Ranks 2019: Complete Ranking Structure of the Nigerian Army (NA) List of Nigerian Army ranks of officers and Enlisted soldiers.

We have made this post for the benefits of those asking us questions about Nigerian Army Ranks and their salaries, salary of a 2nd lieutenant in Nigerian Army, badges pictures and symbol/logo of the Nigerian Military. It is for your interest that we shall answer and address this questions right here.

The Nigerian Army (NA) consists of two major divisions, the Commissioned And Non-commissioned officers. The Commissioned Officers (CO) are those responsible for leading and training of soldiers; while the Non-commissioned Officers (NCO) are the subordinate officer who exercises power through a mandate or authority given to them by a higher ranking officer.

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Nigerian Army Ranks for commissioned officers

Below is the list of Nigerian Army ranks and symbols for both commissioned and non-commissioned officers:

Nigerian Army Ranks










1. Field Marshal – ★★★★★ [5 Stars]
2. General – ★★★★ [4 Stars]
3. Lieutenant General – ★★★ [3 Stars]
4. Major General – ★★ [2 Stars]
5. Brigadier General – ★ [1 Stars]
6. Colonel
7. Lieutenant Colonel
8. Major
9. Captain
10. Lieutenant
11. Second Lieutenant – [Lowest Rank]

Nigerian Army Ranks for Non: Commissioned Officers

Non-commissioned officers
The non-commissioned officers have eight ranking structure, and they include:
1. Warrant Officer Class I.
2. Warrant Officer Class II.
3. Staff Sergeant.
4. Sergeant.
5. Corporal.
6. Lance-corporal.
7. Private.
8. Recruit – [Lowest Rank]



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