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Nigeria@63: Six main transportation highlights in President Tinubu’s speech



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During his Independence Day speech on Sunday, President Bola Tinubu revealed his administration’s initiatives regarding transportation, among other things.

He announced the deployment of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to reduce transport costs and promote a more efficient and sustainable mode of public transportation across the country.

Here are six main points of transportation highlights in President Tinubu’s Independence Day Speech:

Lowering Transport Costs for a Robust Economy:

President Tinubu stated that he recognizes that high transport costs can have a detrimental impact on the overall economy by increasing the prices of goods and services.

To address this issue, he mentioned that his administration has prioritized the goal of lowering transport costs as a key strategy for economic growth and development.

Deployment of CNG Buses:

A significant component of this strategy involves the introduction of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses into the public transportation system.

According to the President, CNG is chosen as a fuel source due to its cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits. It is a cleaner and more affordable alternative to traditional gasoline and diesel fuels.

Affordability and Positive Impact on Transport Fares:

CNG buses are expected to operate at a fraction of the current fuel prices. This means that the operational costs for these buses will be significantly lower compared to vehicles running on conventional fuels.

Lower operational costs for public transportation providers can lead to reduced transport fares for passengers, making travel more affordable for the general population.

Fast-Tracking CNG Conversion Kits:

President Tinubu also said that he acknowledges the importance of expediting the transition to CNG buses.

To achieve this, he mentioned that his administration is actively working to accelerate the often lengthy procurement process for CNG conversion kits. This demonstrates a commitment to swift implementation.

Training and Skill Development:

Transitioning to CNG buses requires specialized knowledge and skills for operators and maintenance personnel.

President Tinubu revealed that the government is establishing training facilities and workshops across the nation. These facilities will provide training and skill development opportunities for transport operators and entrepreneurs.

A Groundbreaking Moment and Historical Significance:

President Tinubu emphasized that the adoption of CNG buses represents a groundbreaking moment for Nigeria’s transportation sector.

According to him, this move signifies the nation’s commitment to embracing more efficient and environmentally friendly means of powering the economy.

By making this change, Nigeria is not only addressing immediate economic concerns but also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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