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Navy nabs 11 stowaways aboard Ghana-bound ship




A patrol squad from the Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT caught 11 stowaways aboard the GWANGZHOU HIGHWAY PANAMA ship en route to Ghana.

According to a statement issued on Thursday by the Base Information Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT, H.A Collins, the individuals were apprehended on Tuesday at 7 p.m. during a routine patrol of the Navy Ship BEECROFT patrol team.

He stated that the Western Regional Control Centre (WRCC) was quickly notified, prompting the vessel to come to a stop within the Lagos harbour.

“Initially, 4 stowaways were apprehended from the stern of the vessel. However, information provided by these individuals revealed the presence of additional stowaways inside the ship.

“Following a comprehensive search, an astonishing 7 more stowaways were uncovered within the ship, bringing the total to 11 stowaways who were promptly disembarked from the vessel and taken into custody,” the statement went on to say.

According to the official, the stowaways were handed over to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in compliance with established processes.

According to the Navy, the following people have been apprehended:

  1. Shedrack David, 19yrs from Ondo State.
  2. Emmanuel Godbless, 30yrs from Delta State.
  3. Ibrahim Hassan, 30yrs from Adamawa State.
  4. Solomon Francis, 21yrs from Ondo State.
  5. Bolaji Johnson, 28yrs from Ondo State.
  6. Samsom Aimy, 37yrs from Bayelsa State.
  7. Ayefuwei Collins, 27yrs from Delta State.
  8. Ayo Gula, 28 yrs from Delta State.
  9. Jolomi Daniel, 23yrs from Ondo State.
  10. Abubakar Ibrahim, 19yrs from Zamfara State and
  11. Precious Uwalogho, 30yrs from Delta State.

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