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Medical, dental consultants stall planned nationwide strike



Resident doctors

The Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) has stalled its planned nationwide strike for a period of three months.

A report by the National News Agency of Nigeria stated that the decision was in response to an appeal by the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Services, Muhammad Pate, and was part of the resolutions adopted during MDCAN’s 13th Biennial Delegates meeting held in Kano.

According to the President of MDCAN, Prof. Aminu Muhammad, the association extended the strike ultimatum by three months in consideration of the Health Minister’s appeal.

He emphasized that this extension provides the Federal Government with an opportunity to address the pending issues raised by the association.

  • Muhammad said, “If the government fails to address these demands at the end of the three months, we will proceed with our next course of action.”

Over 500 highly trained doctors exited Nigeria

Addressing the issue of brain drain in the medical sector, Muhammad highlighted that over 500 highly trained doctors and consultants have left Nigeria, which poses a significant challenge to the country’s healthcare system.

He called upon the federal government to urgently provide a comprehensive solution to the brain drain problem, which should include incentives to encourage the retention of healthcare professionals in Nigeria.

  • “Critical stakeholders in medical education should work together to fashion out sustainable pathways for improving the quality and quantity of medical and dental graduates in Nigeria”.

The MDCAN President also urged governments at all levels to invest in medical education by improving infrastructure, providing adequate funding, and offering competitive remuneration to staff.

More insight

The MDCAN had previously issued a 21-day ultimatum to the federal government last month demanding the fulfilment of its various requests.

The association expressed disappointment over the non-implementation of the agreed-upon upward review of CONMESS (Consolidated Medical Salary Structure) and the introduction of Accoutrement allowance in line with the Nigerian Medical Association.

They emphasized that the issued circular only applied the percentage increase to basic salaries, excluding all allowances except hazard allowance, thus excluding clinical lecturers (Honorary Consultants) from benefiting.

MDCAN also highlighted the failure of the government to fully appreciate the consequences of brain drain in the healthcare sector, as evidenced by the refusal to approve the Federal Ministry of Health’s proposal to raise the retirement age for Medical and Dental Consultants and other health workers.

The consultants’ demands include the immediate review of the CONMESS circular, the correction of the implementation start date, and the consideration of fuel subsidy removal and high inflation in the review.


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