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Makinde to justify APC move over Atiku’s silence on Ibadan explosion



Seyi Makinde has been declared as Oyo governor elect

Some political commentators have blamed Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s loss at the 2023 presidential poll on the political difference with Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, who reportedly backed the eventual winner of the poll, Bola Tinubu of the APC.

Chronicle NG reported that Makinde has criticized Atiku, for his silence on the recent Ibadan explosion.

Makinde slammed the PDP Chieftain’s lack of sensitivity, calling it “insensitive” for him to not offer condolences or even acknowledge the tragedy.

He further stated that Atiku’s silence conveys a worrying message about his character and judgement.

“I am particularly grateful because the musketeers that went for the presidential election have reached out to me. The President has called me, and you have reached out to me. But my own party candidate (Abubakar) has not called or even sent a text message.

Atiku Abubakar, PDP presidential candidate

“And I am saying it openly so that our leaders will know that there is time for politics. You have a time for governance, and you have a time for humanity. So, we want to say thank you so much, sir. We appreciate this visit,” Makinde said.

Spotlight Abby said that “Seyi is preparing justifications for his inevitable crossover to join his real leader in the APC.”

“Baron Chymaker wrote, Man is already in APC in his spirit and conduct.”

“When it comes to elections, humanity will be put aside; Atiku should not call anybody, Danny Sparrow said.”

Adenike Awe asked Why is he crying? He should continue his G5 twerking in peace. Atiku dey him dey; he too should dey his dey until he makes his crossover official. Obi na good man; not everyone is like him.

“I like Atiku’s behaviour towards you and your likes; you openly betrayed him first, so stop complaining about him not reaching out or texting you. It’s not like you care for the victims of that blast in the first place, Papi opined.”

In defence of the 2023 PDP presidential candidate,Vitalis Madu said, “In fairness to Atiku, he already commiserated with the people of Oyo State and called Makinde personally; I don’t see how it cuts it.”

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