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LAWMA closes Alamutu market over sanitation concerns



Alamutu market

The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has responded decisively to pressing concerns regarding hygiene and sanitation by announcing the closure of Alamutu (Ologede) Market, situated in the Idi-oro district of Mushin.  

This stringent action was taken in response to the alarming state of sanitation within the market and the prevalent improper waste disposal practices, which have raised significant apprehensions. 

Upholding hygiene standards across markets in Lagos 

According to Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin, Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, this measure underscores the imperative need to uphold impeccable hygiene standards within all marketplaces.

Dr. Gbadegesin underscored that the welfare and health of both traders and customers are compromised when proper sanitation protocols are not observed. 

Dr. Gbadegesin further elucidated that the closure of Alamutu Market aligns with LAWMA’s continuous commitment to ensuring that markets throughout Lagos adhere to requisite cleanliness and sanitation standards.  

He emphasized that the objective extends beyond addressing the specific issues at Alamutu Market, emphasizing LAWMA’s unwavering dedication to consistently enforce these standards. 

What he said:  

  • “It is paramount that we maintain a hygienic environment in our markets. 
  • “This action is not just a response to Alamutu Market’s condition, but a part of LAWMA’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that markets in Lagos meet the required standards of cleanliness and situation.” 

The decision to shutter Alamutu Market mirrors similar actions recently taken in various markets, including Oyingbo, Ladipo, and Alayabiagba, all attributed to hygiene and waste management deficiencies.

Dr. Gbadegesin reaffirmed LAWMA’s steadfast determination to uniformly enforce sanitation regulations across all markets in Lagos, irrespective of their size or location. 

Concurrently, LAWMA has initiated an operation to clear illegal trading activities along the Yaba Railway corridors, aiming to rectify environmental transgressions stemming from unauthorized trading.

Dr. Gbadegesin reiterated that these enforcement actions are paramount not only for sustaining a cleaner environment but also for cultivating a healthier living environment for Lagos residents. 

Dr. Gbadegesin urged residents to actively participate by promptly reporting waste management-related concerns in their respective areas through LAWMA’s toll-free numbers: 07080601020 and 617.

It is through collective efforts that LAWMA intends to effectively address sanitation challenges and enhance the overall quality of life for all residents of Lagos. 


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