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Lagos state govt launches e-GIS platform to apply and verify land titles online 



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The Lagos state government has launched the electronic Geographic Information System (e-GIS) platform where residents can apply, search and verify land titles across the state online before purchase is made.  

This was disclosed by Governor Sanwo-Olu on Friday on his X handle where he stated that the e-GIS platform digitised access on all matters pertaining to land in the state.  

According to the Governor, the launch of the e-GIS platform presents a radical shift in the application for land titles from the old manual/paper method to a digital platform where anyone can now access the data relating to all lands across the state.  

He noted that the new initiatives remove the need of middlemen and agents in the land title application process.  

  • He stated, “The e-GIS portal is a one-stop digital platform that sanitises and revolutionises the process of acquiring, documenting, and verifying land in Lagos. With the portal now live, applications for land titles have transitioned from the centuries-old manual paperwork into digital form, eliminating the need for middlemen and the associated costs applicants previously faced.” 

Governor Sanwo-Olu further explained that the e-GIS system has collated all data relating to land in across the state since the 19th century together with their titles and the transaction details of those lands.  

  • It stated, “Now, anyone can verify, search, and apply for land titles, including Governor’s Consent, from the comfort of their homes at the click of a computer button. This innovative system has organized all archived land records dating back to the 19th century and merged them with all land titles, storing historical transactional data on every parcel of land in the State’s cadastra.”  

What you should know 

The Lagos state real estate industry has been awash with issues relating to land sale without the relevant allocation and approval from the state government. Recently, the Lagos state government had to intervene in the dispute between a real estate company and a buyer over non allocation of land allegedly bought by the individual. 

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