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Lagos Govt. to demolish Jankara and Bombata markets over drainage obstruction 



Sanwo Olu

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced on Sunday that the Lagos State government intends to demolish the Jankara and Bombata markets situated on Lagos Island.

This decision is aimed at facilitating unimpeded water flow into the drainage systems. 

He made these remarks following an inspection tour of Lagos Island, during which he noted that numerous unlawful structures within the markets had obstructed the flow of water, leading to flooding. He also cited human activities as a negative influence on the area. 

Details of the campaign to remove drain-blocking shops 

The governor said that starting from Monday, the Ministry of Environment will commence the issuance of demolition notices to the various shops that have been constructed on the drains and drainage channels.

Sanwo-olu emphasized that it was unacceptable for illegal structures up by a small group of individuals along drains and drainage canals to jeopardize the safety and wellbeing of the larger population.  

  • In his words, “There will be zero-tolerance and as from Monday, the Ministry of Environment will start giving demolition notices to all the stores that have been built on the drains and on all existing drains. 
  • “They have built shops on all the drains and that is why we are having these problems of flooding and environmental pollution. 
  • “We cannot let a few people risk the lives of the larger number of us.’’ 

The governor also pointed out that the Pelewura Market currently houses a significant number of illegal occupants. He intends to provide adequate notice and collaborate with concessionaires, local government authorities, and all relevant stakeholders to establish a timeline for the final demolition and evacuation. 

  • His words: “We are going to give them adequate notice and we are going to work with our concessionaires, the local government and all the stakeholders will be brought on board. 
  • “We will all agree as to when that demolition and evacuation will start. 
  • “I have given them the first notice already and I will give them the opportunity as stakeholders, for us to know when that final demolition will take place.’’ 

Sanwo-olu’s urban rejuvenation and flooding solutions initiative 

Sanwo-Olu stressed the necessity of making way for urban rejuvenation and putting an end to the persistent flooding problem in the area by removing these markets. He warned all illegal occupants and those engaged in unauthorized activities that the government would take action to clean up the markets and enforce a strict policy against illegal environmental activities. 

Governor Sanwo-Olu further mentioned that the condition of Idumagbo Avenue Road had deteriorated due to the activities in the nearby markets.  

He confirmed that this tour allowed him to identify the issues and work on long-lasting solutions.  

The government will commence the assessment of Idumagbo Avenue, Ojo Giwa, and Adeniji Adele Road, including a comprehensive regeneration plan for the entire area. 

The governor cautioned residents against obstructing drainage channels, emphasizing that their actions and habits contribute to the drainage problems.

He stressed that, regardless of how well-constructed the drains are, they will become blocked if people continue to dispose of refuse in them. 


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