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Lagos Govt says it requires N10 billion annually to bridge security operation gap 



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The Lagos State Government has said that the state needs an annual budget exceeding N10 billion over the next five years to bring about substantial transformation in the security architecture. 

Abdurrazaq Balogun, the Executive Secretary of Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF), made this disclosure in a statement during the 17th Annual Town Hall Meeting On Security With The Governor, with the theme: ”Security Complexities and Convergence: The Lagos State Imperatives,” on Tuesday in Lagos. 

He expressed that the extensive support demanded by the police and other security agencies necessitated such a substantial amount to overhaul and improve their operations. 

According to him, security remains top on the list of national issues, hence, the need to properly fund it, to achieve results. 

  • ”At the outset of the administration at the centre, changes were made in the security hierarchy with the expectation that security challenges would be better managed, and we have already seen some results in the war against terrorism and bandits. 
  • “However, there are still several other security challenges that confront us every day, such as armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, cult-related murders, public disorder, street crime and extortion, highway robberies, piracy and oil theft. 
  • ”As we cannot afford to live in denial, we must confront our challenges and surmount them,” he said. 

According to Balogun, it is crucial to integrate multiple strategies to effectively address security concerns in Nigeria, especially in Lagos State. 

The fund supplied a range of equipment to enhance security agencies in the state, including patrol vehicles, communication repeaters like walkie-talkies and base radios, communication masts, Armoured Personnel Carriers, motorcycles, and patrol boats. 

  • “It also ensures the routine service of all RRS vehicles as they are the primary responsibility of the fund. 
  • “In short, the fund deals with various matters as it affects the security of the state. 
  • ”The scope of the fund has expanded to include more sister agencies and some critical community-based security structures which have proven to be of merit and in collaboration with the police authorities. 
  • ”We must note that the magnitude of the assistance required by the police and other security agencies is so vast that it would require over N10 billion yearly for five years to significantly transform the operations of the security architecture in Lagos State (assuming the rates of inflation and foreign exchange remain the same),” Balogun said. 

More Insights 

Addressing the crime situation in Lagos, Deputy Commissioner of Police Waheed Ayilara, in his capacity as Acting Commissioner of Police, stated that considerable strides have been made in minimizing the operations of criminal elements.  

Ayilara reported the recovery of 103 firearms, 324 assorted ammunition, and 279 dangerous weapons throughout the year. 

According to the information provided, there were 158 recorded murder cases, and these incidents led to the death of 163 individuals. 

In addition, Ayilara mentioned the arrest of 18 kidnapping suspects in connection with eight incidents. 

He also decried the rising cases of domestic violence and abuse, noting that 256 cases of gender-related violence were recorded, with 333 suspects in custody. 

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