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Lagos announces Blue Line now fully electric, tracks to electrocute trespassers 



Sanwo olu

The Lagos Blue Line rail system now runs on electricity from Marina to Mile 2, and trespassers have been warned to stay away from walking on the tracks to avoid electrocution.

Engr. Mrs. Abimbola Akinajo, the Managing Director of Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), declared this during the final test of the train running on electricity.

Mrs. Akinajo rode one of the train sets while the second train ran on the opposite track from Marina to Mile 2 and back, along with the operator of the Marina to Mile 2 train services, consultants, the rail infrastructure contractor, Messrs. CCECC, and the press.

She stated that the successful completion of the test was a dream come true for Lagos, saying, “Lagos has become an exemplar for other cities in Africa.”

The LAMATA boss stated that from Monday, October 16, 2023, the two train sets to be deployed would run 54 trips within an interval of 30 minutes, thus minimizing the incidence of commuters rushing to enter the train.

She appealed to Lagosians using the corridor to avoid the temptation of walking on the tracks, warning that the tracks are electrified and trespassers will be electrocuted.

Mrs. Akinajo assured the safety and security of everyone using the system, informing them with over 300 CCTV cameras along the corridor and in the stations through which any infraction could be detected and promptly taken care of.

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