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Introducing ContRacts by CorpeRate: The Marketplace for Every Kind of Professional




CorpeRate, and now ContRacts, provides a comprehensive solution, empowering business owners, job seekers, freelancers and Professionals of all kinds, to effortlessly navigate the labour market and unlock true potential.

To get started, users can create ContRacts by writing a short detailed description of what they want, stating the price they wish to offer as well as their location and deadline. This instantly notifies interested professionals in their area that can deliver within the deadline and budget, prompting them to submit their price and work portfolio called a Bid. With ContRacts, even Businesses, who for whatever reason can’t afford to recruit certain roles or aren’t looking to hire full-time, can now find and ContRact professionals to complete quick tasks and jobs, hassle free!

Lead Creative Designer, Moses Tebu expressed his excitement about ContRacts’ potential impact in Nigeria’s professional community: “We are thrilled to introduce CorpeRate ContRacts to the market, as it addresses a significant pain point for gig-seekers, employers and even the average customer in the online Nigerian Market. Our goal is to empower talented individuals by providing them with a platform that simplifies and accelerates the gig-finding process alongside full-time jobs in Nigeria. With ContRacts, we aim to open doors to countless more opportunities for Every Kind of Professional, addressing the need for career growth and development for all, whatever their trade or station..”

CorpeRate is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about the platform and start securing the best ContRacts/jobs, visit today!

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