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IATA berates Nigeria over high airport charges




The Vice president of IATA in Africa and the Middle East, Kamil Al Alwadi, while speaking at the 7th Aviation Africa summit and exhibition on Wednesday in Abuja, said research shows that Nigeria ranks highest in airport charges in Africa.

Alwadi added that Abuja Airport is the most expensive airport in Africa, closely followed by Lagos Airport.

He said, “In a recent research conducted web discovered that the most expensive airport in Africa is Abuja airport, followed by Lagos airport. With all these exorbitant charges, Nigerian airlines can’t compete with their foreign counterparts.

“Africa has put itself in a place where it cannot help its own, expensive fuel, excessive charges, leasing and insurance through the roof, the airlines need to be financially viable too. The airlines contribute to the country but Nigeria needs to to decide what to do to them to survive,” he said.