Household Uplifting Programme

Household Uplifting Programme 2019: Federal Government begins cash transfer of $322 million Abacha loot to poor homes.

Household Uplifting Programme is one of the four National Social Investment Programmes (N-SIP) of the Buhari Administration targeted at the poor and vulnerable in Nigeria. This Social investment program Household Uplifting programme will pay N5,000 per Month to poorest Nigerians, handled by the Vice President’s office.

The project aim is to provide access to targeted transfers to poor and vulnerable households under an expanded National Social Safety Nets System. The target population constitutes all Nigerian household currently living below the basic needs poverty line as identified through a combination of community-based targeting mechanism.

Household Uplifting programme (HUP) primary purpose is to Reduce poverty, prevent the vulnerable from falling further down the poverty line, improve household consumption, increase utilization of health and nutrition services, improve school enrolment and turnout, encourage household asset acquisition, sustainable livelihood.

How to Participate:
The Cash Transfer component is given to selected poorest & most vulnerable household in order to enhance their consumption level. These households are all registered in a national social register. Interested candidates should visit the website/portal on ( to register.



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