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FRSC nabs nearly 5000 traffic offenders in FCT 




The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) took strict action against traffic violations in Abuja, apprehending nearly 5,000 individuals for breaking traffic rules and regulations.

The revelation came from the Sector Commander, Muta’a Chorrie, during an interview on Tuesday. Chorrie confirmed that a total of 4,907 individuals were caught for committing 6,339 traffic offenses as part of the “Operation Zero Tolerance” initiative in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). 

 This extensive operation, conducted between December 15, 2023, and January 15, 2024, was specifically designed to bolster road safety measures during the yuletide season. 

  • He highlighted that failure to use seat belts, mobile phone usage while driving, and speeding were identified as the primary contributors to accidents during the operation. 
  •  Despite the conclusion of “Operation Zero Tolerance,” the FRSC is gearing up for another special patrol initiative in 2024 within the FCT. Chorrie explained that the experiences gained during the end-of-year special patrol in 2023 prompted the Corps to initiate a follow-up operation. 
  • The upcoming special operation, named “Operation Falcon Speed Mobile Control,” is designed to address various factors contributing to road accidents and minimize such incidents.  
  • Chorrie emphasized that the FRSC has equipped its personnel with raider guns and other operational logistics to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the coming year. 

What you should know 

In addition to enforcement efforts, the FRSC is set to conduct extensive awareness campaigns in churches, mosques, and schools, targeting larger populations. Chorrie outlined the plan to visit churches on Sundays, mosques on Fridays, and both public and private schools. The objective is to instill a responsible driving culture and educate road users on effective traffic management in the FCT. 

Chorrie urged motorists, especially commercial drivers, to consistently adhere to traffic regulations and collaborate with the FRSC. He emphasized that compliance with traffic rules reduces accidents with fatalities and contributes to the preservation of lives and properties in the territory. 

As the FRSC prepares for the “Operation Falcon Speed Mobile Control,” their multifaceted approach encompasses both enforcement measures and community outreach initiatives, reflecting a commitment to enhancing road safety in the Federal Capital Territory. 

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