Federal Fire Service Past Questions and Answers 2019/2020

Federal Fire Service Past Questions and Answers 2019/2020: Federal Fire Service Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers – Download PDF Here.

This post is meant for those who participated in the Nigeria Federal Fire Service (FFS) 2018/19 recruitment exercise. Applicants will get the latest news on FFS shortlisted candidates as well as the Questions & Answers for Federal Fire Service right here.

The Nigeria Federal Fire Service might conduct a Computer Based Test (CBT) for successful candidates. Therefore, we have compiled the FFS Past Questions and Answers PDF Version, for the benefits of candidates who will be taking part in the aptitude test/examination.

N/B: Nigerian Federal Fire Service Recruitment Past Questions And Answers comprise of Mathematics, English Language, Current Affairs, quantitative reasoning, Geography and general knowledge. Below is the FFS past questions and answers.

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Nigerian Federal Fire Service Past Questions and Answers 2019

1) Which of these is not a road classification in Nigeria
A. Trunk A
B. Trunk B
C. Trunk C
D. Trunk D

2) The acronym for the equipment worn by an individual to prevent risk to health and safety is

3) Safety helmets are worn to protect against
A. Extremes of temperatures
B. Falling objects
C. Impacts with fixed objects
D A, B & C

4) The color Blue in safety means
A. Prohibited action
B. Mandatory action
C. Safe action
D. Warning notice

5) The color Green in safety can be used in
A. Escape routes
B. Emergency showers
C. Low passages
D. Emergency stops

6) The chemistry of fire include
A. Heat
B. Oxygen
C. Combustible Materials
D. A & B

7. Is not a class of fire?
A. B
B. F
C. E
D. A

8. Freely burning fires fuelled by wood can be extinguished by
A. Application of water
B. Application of foam
C. Application of C02 extinguisher
D. C & D

9) Water is most effective and most commonly used for which of the following type of fire
A. Class A-ordinary combustibles
B. Class B-flammable and combustible liquids
C. Class C-electrical
D. Class D-combustible metals

10. The first principle of good storage practice for chemicals is:
A. Limiting quantity
B. Segregation
C. Containment
D. Concentration


  1. To download the full PDF version of Federal Fire Service Past Questions & Answers, applicants are required to pay the sum of ₦1,500 only.
  2. Endeavor to follow the procedure by dropping your phone number and Email with the following message, “I Need Nigerian Federal Fire Service Past Questions and answers” using the comment box.
  3. Applicants are hereby warned for their own interest not to pay any money to anyone to assist them in the Nigeria Federal Fire Service, FFS job recruitment exercise.




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