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Edo 2024: Olumide Akpata joins guber race



Olumide Akpata is new NBA President he succeeds Paul Usoro

Olumide Akpata, a former president of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), has indicated that he is a Labour Party candidate for governor of Edo State (LP).

He expressed his interest in the 2024 competition on Thursday when he visited the party’s Edo State Secretariat in Benin City.

“My interest is for the people of Edo State. And what I find in politics and governance in Nigeria today is that the people have been taken out of the equation. Nobody seems to care about the people,” he said during the event.

“And when I look around, the only party I find to be people-centric and people-oriented and to be interested in the lots of our people is the Labour Party of Nigeria. It is therefore fitting that it is with this party that I have come to pitch my tent and it is on the platform of this party that I would like to run for the governor of Edo State.”

About two months after joining the LP, he made his moves, stating that he wanted to contribute to finding answers for the problems facing the state.

In a post on his verified Instagram handle, the former NBA president remarked, “Quite a number of people have called/messaged me to confirm the news, currently making the rounds, that I have joined a political party,”

“Yes…I joined the @labourparty_ng in March this year and on Sunday I attended my first Ward Meeting at Oredo Ward 6, in Benin City, where I was formally introduced to members of the Ward and presented with my Party membership card.

“This was a major step for me and not one that I took lightly…but I simply got tired of complaining about Nigeria every day and bemoaning her fate and I decided to take the plunge and try to be part of the solution rather than agonising continually over the problem.

“This, for me, is the start of a very important journey and it is my prayer that I arrive safely at my destination.”


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