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BREAKING: Ministerial nominee slumps during screening




Balarabe Abbas Lawal, a ministerial nominee, slumped while being screened by the Senate on Wednesday, causing frenzied scenes in the Chamber.

The Kaduna State nominee had talked for several minutes during his screening before collapsing on the floor, prompting the lawmakers to rush to his aid.

Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim of Kwara State and Mr. Ayodele Olawande of Ondo State are the other two new ministerial candidates being vetted by the Senate.

He was the second nominee to be screened after Senate Leader Senator Opeyemi Bamidele moved to extend the sitting period beyond 2 p.m. to complete all of the day’s business.

He had just finished his presentation to the MPs and was about to take their questions when he collapsed to the floor.

The Senate moved into closed session while efforts were made to resurrect the candidate, who was still present in the chamber.

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