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Blue Economy could generate 350 million jobs – Bashir Jamoh



Bashir Jamoh new Director General NIMASA

Dr. Bashir Jamoh, Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) emphasized the potential of the blue economy to generate 350 million jobs in Nigeria.

He delivered this message during the NIMASA Special Day at the 18th Abuja International Trade Fair, represented by Hajia Rakiya Lamai, the Acting Coordinator of NIMASA, Abuja Office.

Untapped opportunities in Nigeria’s blue economy 

Jamoh highlighted the significant untapped opportunities within Nigeria’s under-utilized blue economy, including ocean resources such as seafood and ship repair facilities.

He stressed that with modern technology, relevant laws, and support from the government, NIMASA is dedicated to regulating maritime operations and fostering growth in the industry.

What he said:

  • “The blue economy has enormous potential as it offers the country the opportunities of 350 million new jobs if adequately harnessed.
  • “Ocean resources like fish, shrimps and other sea foods have not been satisfactorily harnessed, just as ship repairs are done in neighbouring countries and in faraway Turkey because the facilities are lacking locally.
  • “With a combination of modern technology, relevant laws and support from the Federal Government, relevant agencies and stakeholders, disbursement of CVFF Funds, NIMASA is working to fulfil its mandate of regulating operations in the maritime industry.”

Sustainable growth and advocacy for Nigeria’s blue economy 

Additionally, Jamoh advocated for waterways expansion as a more attractive incentive than tax waivers to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and private sector involvement in maritime transport.

  • “While we await a cohesive policy to fully kick into gear, we must all become ‘Blue Ambassadors’ (Advocates for the Blue Economy).
  • “The Blue Economy is every Nigerian’s Economy; the Media, Civil Society and other non-state actors, all have a role to play in galvanizing greater national awareness and participation
  • “We must rethink our waters, we need a total rethink from a ceremonial view; events such as Argungu Fishing Festival as well as others which must be redesigned and repackaged from the standpoint of the blue economy,” he said.

Dr Jamoh also suggested that leveraging a Public Private Partnership (PPP) is necessary for the development of a maritime cluster.


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