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Akpabio calls emergency closed door session after senator staged walkout



Senator Godswill Akpabio has urged leader of the Senate and House to resign

In a video released on Thursday, Ndume chastised  Akpabio for passing certain legislation without formal reading or member input.

In the same vein, Senator Ogoshi Onawo of the Peoples Democratic Party, who represents Nasarawa State, also chastised Akpabo for his desire to rush through several laws.

He stated, “Very sensitive bills are brought and are expected to be passed with the speed of light, which is not good for the country.

“Every senator here is supposed to be adequately informed; he does his research and makes a positive contribution, but in a situation where even money bills are brought and expected to be passed within two hours, it wouldn’t be better for the country” he said.

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