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Africhange: More than a remittance platform, a revolution in cross-border experience for African immigrants




Africhange is much more than a remittance platform. It’s a brand that aims to greatly improve the entire range of cross-border experiences for African immigrants. – Tega Ogigirigi, Growth Manager at Africhange

There are tales of separation and desperation among immigrants worldwide, stories of sacrifice and longing.

But for the African immigrant community, there’s a specific challenge that’s long been a thorn in their side – the challenge of cross-border remittances.

Enter Africhange, a beacon of hope in the otherwise convoluted world of cross-border money transfer. Africhange is a borderless remittance app for people living in Canada, Australia and Nigeria to send money across Africa and North America. With the Africhange App, users  can send money within minutes and with the best exchange rate to their friends and family in countries like Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Togo, etc. The recipient will receive the money directly in their local account and in their local currency.

Hellen and Bukki’s Tales of Triump

Two heartwarming tales illuminate the transformative power of Africhange.

Hellen, a diligent Nigerian student in Canada, faced the terror of watching her brother’s health deteriorate, all the while battling unreliable remittance platforms. It was Africhange that finally delivered her from this ordeal. Meanwhile, Bukki Alabi, who bore the financial weight of an ageing mother in Nigeria, wrestled with expensive and complicated remittance processes. Again, Africhange was the hero of his story. For both Hellen and Bukki, Africhange wasn’t just a transactional service – it was an emancipator, offering them financial freedom.

A Deeper Dive into Africhange’s Uniqueness

Amidst numerous platforms offering similar services, Africhange rises like a phoenix for one primary reason: its unwavering commitment to its users. Featuring stellar exchange rates, simple-to-use mobile and web applications, and an ever-evolving customer-centric approach, Africhange ensures Africans have the fastest, most reliable, and transparent service at their fingertips.

Africhange’s growth trajectory, being bootstrapped since its inception in 2020, speaks volumes about its vision and dedication. Instead of focusing on rapid expansion fueled by external funding, the platform prioritises understanding and addressing the pain points of its users.

Moreover, the incredible journey of Africhange isn’t merely restricted to its unparalleled remittance services. The Africhange Foundation illuminates the company’s broader vision of aiding the immigrant experience.

Recognizing the struggles of transitioning to a foreign land, the Foundation currently aids students – a significant portion of African immigrants. With initiatives like scholarships for Nigerian students in Canada and discounted rates for students, Africhange continues to forge a deeper connection with its community.

Beyond Remittance: A Vision for the Future

2020 saw nearly 41 million Africans leaving their home continent, with many facing the ‘japa syndrome’ – the challenge of staying financially connected with families back home.

The diaspora’s remittance to Africa in 2021 stood at a staggering $49 billion, highlighting the critical role of cross-border transfers.

Before Africhange, the narrative was dominated by middlemen and remittance platforms that often offered expensive exchange rates, unpredictable transaction times, and questionable reliability.

Africhange’s mission was clear: revolutionise this space. Led predominantly by immigrants, Africhange’s understanding of its users’ pain points is deeply personal.

The company’s growth, now boasting a hundred thousand users, stands testament to its commitment to addressing these issues.

While its services currently span between Canada, Australia and Nigeria, there are grand plans of expansion, aimed at encompassing a broader African audience.

As Olatunji Obaoye, Senior Product Manager at Africhange, aptly puts it, “The Africhange vision is to be at the forefront of new immigrants’ stories by assisting them at every step of their journey from their home to a new country.”

Africhange Foundation: Empowering the African Immigrant Dream

Established as a distinct entity under the umbrella of the Africhange, the Africhange Foundation takes pride in its primary role as a charity organisation, dedicated to the upliftment of Africans seeking a fresh start across the globe.

Its purpose is steeped in deep empathy and understanding; after all, as an organisation founded by an immigrant, it intimately grasps the myriad challenges, emotions, and sheer bravery involved in leaving one’s homeland to forge a new path elsewhere.

Every individual who’s ever boarded a plane or ship with hopes of a brighter future in a foreign land knows that such a journey is never just about miles travelled; it’s about navigating through unfamiliar terrains, grappling with unseen challenges, and constantly yearning for a foothold.

The Africhange Foundation stands as a beacon of hope in this journey, ensuring that these brave souls are not alone in their endeavours.

With a vision to level the playing field for Africans worldwide, the foundation’s inaugural initiative is a testament to its dedication.

They are awarding 20 deserving African students with grants of $2500 each. This not only serves as a financial boost but also stands as a symbol of encouragement, a gesture that says, “We believe in you.” In essence, the Africhange Foundation isn’t merely providing financial aid; it’s nurturing dreams, fostering ambitions, and championing the spirit of resilience.

As the world becomes an increasingly interconnected global village, this foundation is ensuring that African voices aren’t just part of the chorus but are strong, vibrant, and resonant.

Africhange is not just a platform; it’s a revolution in the cross-border experience for African immigrants. As Africhange continues its journey, expanding its offerings and reaching more corners of the world, its vision remains clear – to stand steadfastly with African immigrants, every step of the way.

So, if you’re seeking more than just a remittance platform, if you’re seeking a community, a support system, and a beacon of hope – Africhange awaits.

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